This project is being spearheaded by local individuals and sustainable small businesses volunteering to vigorously pursue social and economic development that will benefit the entire Hayfork Community.

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​Hayfork and Trinity County Cannabis-related economic opportunities have been growing and expanding since the legalization of Cannabis in 2016. As enormous growth continues for large cannabis enterprises around the State of California, there have been many hurdles and barriers to entry and expansion for local, small community businesses. One of the major hurdles for Trinity County entrepreneurs is the 400 amp cap introduced by the Trinity Public Utilities District (Trinity P.U.D.) on non-commercial properties, including those small local properties that are zoned agricultural and qualify for a cannabis business permit.


The 400 amp cap introduced by Trinity P.U.D. was due, in part, to the volume of requests that they were receiving, and their limited infrastructure could not possibly support such a large jump in electrical service distribution capacity. 

The Hayfork Connect Project is a needs assessment to remove the 400 amp electrical service cap for Trinity P.U.D.’s Hayfork Substation. By assessing what properties need power now, or in the near future, we can provide information to Trinity P.U.D. so they may update their system according to new and upcoming economic and community needs.


Trinity P.U.D. serves Big Bar, Douglas City, Forest Glen, Hayfork, Hyampom, Weaverville, and Lewiston.

Check out the map below to find your property address or parcel number (APN). We will provide this information to Trinity P.U.D. to help them see where to prioritize electrical upgrades. 


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